"If you nurture your mind, body, and spirit, your time will expand.  You will gain a new perspective that will allow you to accomplish much more."  --Brian Koslow


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I used to love the SiZe of my eyes,
                              SO tiny AND PERFECT....
   ....Until I was told that BIG eyes are beautiful
I used to love the color of my hair,

       golden, brown, and red...a mysterious myriad of colors....
....Until I was told that blonde equals dumb, brown is boring, and red is mean-spirited
I used to love my body.
           I used to
love my strong convictions....
....Until I was told I was too rigid, too structured, too conservative
I used to love my mind.
        I used to love my humanitarian concerns....
            ....Until I was told I was too soft, too kind-hearted, too liberal
I used to love my spirit.
I used to love my inside as well as my outside....
THEY told me what I was, who I am, and what I needed to be.
They have defined me.  They have put me in a [box], trapped me in walls.
They.  They are the ones who have sculpted me based on THEIR images.
      Images they want to see, images they prefer.
                             They.  Who are
                I want to be
me.  Free to be me.
I don't want a
text-book definition to define me.
           I want to be....
I want to decide who I am,
                what I stand for, what I believe in,
         and what I want to do with
MY life.
  My life.      I want to be me.     It's that simple.
                         Be yourself.       
Be you.
body, your mind, & your spirit.
Simply you.

SIMPLY YOU Magazine™

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NCADD:  Alcohol & Drug Dependence
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OutProud:  Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, & Transgender Youth Resource
RAINN:  Rape, Abuse, & Incest Sex Has Consequences
Suicide Prevention Violence Prevention
I Have Hope Today:
Dealing with Addictions
Coping With Loss:
Death of a Loved One

Lacey's Life, my on-line journal..."blog" thingy

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August 18th:  I am SO sorry that I have not blogged in forever.  This summer was rough.  We finally got settled in here. The only cool thing about this place is my room, which is super huge.  I think my parents gave me the biggest bedroom in the house because they feel bad tearing me away from my real home.  I logged on-line for the first time in a log time today.  Ashley e-mailed me, but nothing from Devan.  Why do I continue to torture myself?  Why do I even care?  But Ashley told me to check out a profile she found on-line.  It was Devan's!  He didn't have much on there, but when I looked at his "Friends," I saw "Devan's Girl" was listed as a screen name, and the picture was of Ali!  How disgusting!  I clicked on her profile, and she is blogging about him!  Here is one of her entries:

"Devan's kisses taste like honey.  He is the sweetest kisser.  As the summer has went on, we've....

This is my rant.

Vanity Sizing.  Have you heard of it?  Apparently some clothing companies have begun the practice of sizing their clothing smaller so that larger girls/women can feel good about themselves, because now they can fit into a smaller size.  I think this is ridiculous!  We all need to love ourselves as we are.  And if we don't love ourselves, then we need to do something to change our mindsets.  Going into a store and picking out a Size Four when you know you really wear a Size Six should not be your day's self-esteem booster.  And how can anyone shop for a friend anymore?  Let's see, Jessie is a Size 8 at The Gap but a Size 10 at Vanity.  Lyssa is a Size 2 at Old Navy but a Size 6 at Younkers.  Oh please!

Previous Rant.

So, this college girl asked about why this guy would choose a skinny girl over her, barring that "everything else" is the same about her and this girl.  First off, he probably chose the skinny girl because he is probably a shallow jerk, or maybe there is something else he sees in her other than the skinny...(besides himself!)  Okay, joking aside, I am curious why so many people replied to her bashing skinny women.  I, myself, am skinny.  This does not make me "shallow," "anorexic" or any of those other negatives any more than it makes a larger girl "unconfident," "a pig," etc.  Why do we label each other based on looks?  Why do we label groups?  You can have a large girl who is nice, a skinny girl who is a jerk, a smart girl who is pretty, a dumb girl who is ugly, or a whole combination of things.  Just because one person has one trait does not mean we all do.  Just wanted to mention that.  We need to get to know the individual and quit labeling groups!


....Body, Mind, Spirit....


Updated:  Monday, March 16, 2015